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Equipped with state of the art medical facilities, our air ambulance wing works closely with the top hospitals in the country. We can ready an aircraft for you in just two hours.


Our Air Ambulance service has established itself as South Asia's leader in medical evacuation. We make medical air transport easier and affordable, while maintaining the highest levels of safety and in-flight medical standards.


Aircraft designed for medical emergencies and medical air transportation. All our aircraft abide by global flight safety guidelines and are fitted with medical auxiliary equipment that undergoes a 4-time check on a daily basis.


With a team of more than 30 pilots dedicated to the task of saving as many lives possible by providing the finest service in medical air transportation, we have managed to lead in this service for the past 20 years.

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Air Ambulance India - Assistance the Medical Passenger - Fly Anywhere

We are Air Charter Service & we Provide Charter plane services for personal & Air Ambulance services in India. Quick Jets can be booked for emergencies in all across the country & neighboring countries as well. As there have been more than a decade that we are providing these facilities to you people & of course sharing a strong bond of trust with all our clients who have been with us on this journey till now & surely will keep it on in the future too. We are very adhere to the quality of the service we offer.

Air Ambulance Services India which is provides an Air Charter Jets for medical passenger Transport anywhere across the world. Assist the Medical Passenger., Fly Anywhere across the world.

We are one of the leading and finest Air Medical Transport services in India. Over many years, our highly experienced crew and medical team has carried out over thousands of successful medical evacuation and medical needs. Our Air Ambulance services run on advanced life support equipment by full-fledged medical crew trained in critical pre-hospital care protocols to address emergency victims and critically-ill patients, a bed-to-bed solution.

Now we can fly to the perfect hospitals in the country or to the neighboring countries of our choice or as per the required destinations. Being the prominent Air Medical Service Provider around, we are very much adhere to our quality services while working with the most efficient team.

Our Air Medical Transport services run on advanced life support equipment’s by full-fledged medical crew trained in critical pre-hospital care protocols to address emergency victims a bed-to-bed solution. We are India’s finest bed-to-bed air ambulance service provider.

In the situation of Medical emergency our Services includes Patient Transportation Equipped with advanced life-support equipment and manned by full-fledged medical crew trained for critical medical conditions.

India's Lead Air Ambulance- All Major Cities Cover

  • Ahmadabad Air Ambulance
  • Agartala Air Ambulance
  • Delhi Air Ambulance
  • Mumbai Air Ambulance
  • Lucknow Air Ambulance
  • Jhansi Air Ambulance
  • Kolkata Air Ambulance
  • Bangalore Ambulance
  • Assam Air Ambulance
  • Kerala Air Medical Service
  • Tamil Nadu Air Medical Service
  • Bengal Air Medical Service
  • Goa Air Medical Service
  • Patna Air Medical Service
  • Jharkhand Air Medical Service
  • Chandigarh Air Medical Service
  • Pune Air Medical Service
  • Ranchi Air Medical Service
  • Jammu & Kashmir Medical Helicopter
  • Himachal Pardesh Medical Helicopter
  • Gujrat Medical Helicopter
  • Rajasthan Medical Helicopter
  • Haryana Medical Helicopter
  • Maharastra Medical Helicopter
  • Madhya Pradesh Medical Helicopter
  • Chennai Medical Helicopter
  • AndhraPardesh medical Helicopter

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